Maine Appalachian Trail

Section hiking trail journal spanning 22 days and all 282 miles of the Maine Appalachian Trail. Highlights include Mahoosuc Notch, Old Speck, Baldpate, Saddleback, Bigelow, the Barren Chairback Range, White Cap, Katahdin and the 100-Mile Wilderness.

Gulf Hagas Hiking Guide

Hike Saddleback Mountain Via the Berry Picker’s Trail

Saddleback Mountain Hike via the Appalachian Trail (Route 4)

Sugarloaf Mountain of Maine Hike via the Appalachian Trail

The Bigelow Mountain Range

Hike the Bigelow Mountain Range Via the Appalachian Trail

Saddleback AT Blaze

Winter Hike Saddleback Mountain and The Horn