New Hampshire Appalachian Trail Hiking

A year after section hiking Maine, we set out to tackle the New Hampshire Appalachian Trail. Except this time we planned on section hiking the state in sections. Simply put, it hasn’t worked out as planned. Add two more years and this is still a hike in progress. Please follow along, and feel free to get a good laugh at our expense. Hopefully you can learn something from our mistakes. Sometimes I wonder if we ever do.

Woolx X-Tremes Ultimate Hoodie Review

The Woolx X-Tremes Ultimate Hoodie for men, made of 100% Australian Merino wool, is the perfect fit for a winter hiking layering system.

Cannon Mountain Ski Lift

Winter Hike Cannon Mountain & North Kinsman

Cannon Mountain, North Kinsman, and the Lonesome Lake area are widely popular amongst casual and serious hikers in all seasons. On a good-weather day, all it takes is one glance from a scenic vista looking over Franconia Notch at Mt. Lafayette and Franconia Ridge to see why. Of course, the trailhead location amid Lafayette Campground with its own I-93 exit is also a contributing factor.

Saddleback AT Blaze

Winter Hike Saddleback Mountain and The Horn

Hikers are able to reach the Saddleback Mountain summit, elevation 4,120 feet, in winter via the Saddleback Maine ski resort. Continue along the Appalachian Trail to The Horn, 4,041 feet, for a challenging 7-mile hike.

Mt. Liberty Sunset View

The Pemi Loop Hike

The Pemi Loop. The name alone brings a wistful smile to many a New England hiker’s face. Eight wide-open summits on the New Hampshire 48 list of 4,000+ footers—each offering spectacular views of the Pemigewasset Wilderness—plus four other “optional” 4,000+ peaks bagged via short side trails, help make The Loop an annual addiction for many.

Every Day Should Be an Adventure, Continental Quotient, Stories

I played organized sports up until my boyfriend took me hiking for the first time just before I graduated from high school. We hiked Mount Lafayette in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. I was instantly hooked. I started hiking almost every weekend and backpacking by myself to bag peaks.

AMC Lakes of the Clouds Hut

Hike Mt. Monroe and Mt. Washington Via the Ammonoosuc Ravine Trail

The Ammonoosuc Ravine Trail, accessing the summits of Mt. Monroe and Mt. Washington, is equal parts majestic beauty and watch-your-step treacherous, sheltered tranquility and boot-to-boot hiker highway, destination hike and the fastest route between Point A (ground floor) and Point B (the AMC’s Lakes of the Clouds Hut).