New Hampshire Appalachian Trail Hiking

A year after section hiking Maine, we set out to tackle the New Hampshire Appalachian Trail. Except this time we planned on section hiking the state in sections. Simply put, it hasn’t worked out as planned. Add two more years and this is still a hike in progress. Please follow along, and feel free to get a good laugh at our expense. Hopefully you can learn something from our mistakes. Sometimes I wonder if we ever do.

Mt. Monadnock Hike Via White Dot and White Cross Trails

A loop hike of Mt. Monadnock via the White Dot and White Cross trails is a short, challenging, and tremendously fun adventure. Before tackling this hike with kids, you’ll want to read this post first.

Hiking With Dogs: Beginner Hikes in the White Mountains

Thinking of hitting the trail with your pup? Discover some of the best beginner hikes for dogs in the White Mountains.

Spring Hike Galehead Mountain via the Gale River Trail

As the most direct route to the AMC’s Galehead Hut, along with access to Galehead Mountain, South Twin Mountain, the Appalachian Trail and the Pemi Loop, and it’s easy to see why the Gale River Trail is a major hiker thoroughfare in the White Mountain National Forest. But this trail is so much more than a line between points A and B. Beginning with a gradual hike along the North Branch of the Gale River, and ending with a steep, rocky climb, the Gale River Trail is a great escape. Tackle it in the spring for more on-trail alone time — just come prepared for ice.

Winter Hike Mt. Kearsarge Via the Winslow Trail

Mt. Kearsarge via the Winslow Trail is the perfect beginner trek for those new to winter hiking. It’s the right combination of short and sweet with a few strenuous steep sections mixed in to test those snow legs and acclimate to winter traction. The open summit offers outstanding views with the opportunity to experience harsh winter winds without prolonged exposure. F

Hancock Overlook View

The Mt. Hancock Loop Trail Hike

The Hancock mountains, named after our nation’s forefather with the infamous signature, offer an enjoyable day hiking adventure with dual peaks on the White Mountain 48 list of 4,000 footers. Due to numerous brook crossings, this hike is best served after the snowmelt swell has subsided and at times of low precipitation. I found it fits nicely as a fall foliage excursion.

Osceola Summit View of East Osceola

Hike Mount Osceola from Tripoli Road

Despite being hard to spell, Mt. Osceola features two peaks on the White Mountains Four Thousand Footers list, a moderately challenging trail filled with rock-hopping fun, trance-inducing views of the Sandwich Range Wilderness, and a steep chimney climb to get the heart pounding. What’s not to love about this hike?