New Hampshire Appalachian Trail Hiking

A year after section hiking Maine, we set out to tackle the New Hampshire Appalachian Trail. Except this time we planned on section hiking the state in sections. Simply put, it hasn’t worked out as planned. Add two more years and this is still a hike in progress. Please follow along, and feel free to get a good laugh at our expense. Hopefully you can learn something from our mistakes. Sometimes I wonder if we ever do.

Sunday River Whitecap Grafton Notch View

Grafton Loop Trail Hike Part 2: Western Section

The western section of the Grafton Loop Trail, featuring the outstanding views of Sunday River Whitecap, covers 17.1 miles of the full 38.2-mile trail.

Warbonnet Blackbird hammock

To Hang or Not to Hang? Hammock Camping is the Question!

In some respects, switching to a backpacking hammock over a traditional ground tent is a no-brainer for northeast hikers. With a hammock you don’t have to worry about playing tent-platform Tetris, or asking for the “overflow spot” (aka the drainage area), at busy campsites. And yet, if you’re considering a hammock, something is probably giving you pause.

Hike Mt. Cutler in Hiram, Maine

We wanted to get one last hike in before school starts. After a heatwave followed by a stretch of rainy days we were ready to get out. When I asked my kids if they wanted an easy or difficult trail they asked for something difficult.

A Walk in the Woods Movie Review – A Hiker’s Perspective

The important question isn’t whether the movie is any good, it’s whether the movie is good for the Appalachian Trail. A Walk in the Woods enters theaters at a precarious time for the AT, when on-trail resources are being stressed and organizations such as Baxter State Park are publicly questioning their association with the trail.

Show Your Hiker Pride with Green Label Organic T-Shirts

If you’re a fan of the New England Patriots, you probably don a Tom Brady jersey every Sunday in the fall. If you’re into the Avett Brothers, then you’re likely to rock a concert tee. But what if you love hiking? How do you show off your trail pride? Green Label Organic, a family-owned clothing company in Floyd, Virginia, has the answer.

Hike Bigelow Mountain Via the Fire Warden Trail

A day hike to Bigelow Mountain’s Avery Peak and West Peak via the Fire Warden Trail, possibly in conjunction with the Appalachian Trail and the Horns Pond Trail as a loop hike, is a sure-bet treasured experience for the memory bank.