Angel Falls Hike in Western Maine

Distance: 0.8 miles to Angel Falls
Time: 20-30 minutes to the falls (how long you linger is up to you)
Difficulty: Family Hike
Elevation gain: Approximately 200 feet

As far as Maine waterfalls go, Angel Falls in Township D of western Maine is nothing short of Mother Nature’s cathedral. Looking up from the base of the falls, guarded by stately cliffs as tall as 115 feet, the 90-foot cascade pours from the sky as whitewater spreads its wings over protruding rocks.

Angel Falls Maine Closeup
The body of Maine’s Angel Falls.

One of Maine’s best waterfalls, the dramatic drop and short o.8-mile hike make Angel Falls a local favorite and must-see for visitors to the Rangeley Lakes Region. It’s a good hike for children and adults—just be prepared—this isn’t a roadside flip-flop stroll catering to tourists (in case the location in “Township D” didn’t already make this clear). Much of the hike is spent scrambling over rocks and crisscrossing the brook, as the trail gradually builds anticipation through a series of small waterworks.

Angel Falls Trail Road
The Angel Falls hike begins on a logging road. There are a few side skidder paths that look like they could be the trail, so take care to follow the red blazes.
Angel Falls Trail Bridge
From the parking area at an old gravel pit, follow the road around a bend, across the bridge shown here over Berdeen Stream, and then to the left for a short distance. The trail will split off into the woods on the right.
Angel Falls Trail Brook Crossing-1
It doesn’t take long before the first crossing of Mountain Brook. Under normal conditions, it’s an easy rock hop; however, the water is swift and could be intimidating to younger children. In early spring when the water is at its highest, the brook may not be crossable.
Angel Falls Trail Brook Crossing-2
It’s only 0.8 miles to the falls, so the brook crossings are one right after the other.
Angel Falls Trail Rocks
There isn’t a lot of elevation gain on this hike, but the trail does gradually work its way upward.
Angel Falls Maine Full
And before you know it, you’re there. Angel Falls in all its beauty.
Angel Falls Maine Base
With a little care, it’s possible to get to the base of the falls.
Angel Falls Maine Mouth
Looking up at the mouth of the falls.

Angel Falls Maine Head

Angel Falls Maine Scale
This guy decided to climb. I DON’T recommend this, but him doing so gives us a good perspective on the magnitude of Angel Falls.

Directions to Angel Falls in Maine

From the junction of Routes 2 and 17 in Mexico, Maine, follow 17 north for 18 miles and turn left onto the Bemis Road. From the intersection of Routes 4 and 17 in Oquossoc, follow 17 south for 18.5 miles and turn right onto Bemis Road. Bemis is a dirt road that begins at the edge of a field and immediately crosses a bridge and turns right. Look for a logging road 3.6 miles into the Bemis Road that angles to the left and down a hill. There are a few parking spaces available at the top of this hill on the Bemis Road for cars with low clearance. The main parking area is at the bottom of the hill and is marked by a large boulder covered in graffiti.

There is no signage where the logging road splits from the Bemis Road or at the main parking area for Angel Falls. The only markers are the red blazes, which begin where the logging road splits from the Bemis Road.

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