Winter Hike Mt. Tecumseh

Mt. Tecumseh NH Summit View in Winter

One of the easier 4K hikes in the summer, Mt. Tecumseh is ideal for snowshoeing in winter. There aren’t any ledges or excruciatingly steep sections that require crampons (except during extreme icy periods), snow is typically plentiful (they ain’t called the White Mountains for nothing, folks), and because the trailhead is located at Waterville Valley Ski Area, you know the parking lot will be plowed! 

Distance to summit: 2.5 miles
Elevation gain: 2,200 feet
Time: 2-4 hours
Difficulty: Weekend Warriors
Recommended Gear: Snowshoes, Trekking Poles

The trailhead for the Mt. Tecumseh Trail is located at the far right side (facing Waterville Valley resort) of parking lot one. The hike begins by crossing Tecumseh Brook and gently winding through the forest before gradually starting to climb the mountain.

Mt. Tecumseh Winter Hike Start
The early going on a winter snowshoe hike of the Mt. Tecumseh Trail.
Mt. Tecumseh Winter Hike Gorge
About a mile into the hike, the trail dips into a gorge to once again cross Tecumseh Brook.
Mt Tecumseh Winter Hike Valley Climb
Climbing out of the gorge, the trail makes a turn near one of the ski trails, where a short spur offers a viewpoint. There aren’t a lot of views on this hike, so it’s best to take advantage of what you can get.
Mt Tecumseh Winter Lookout View Ski Slope
A look up the ski slope from the viewpoint.
Mt. Tecumseh Winter Lookout View Tripyramids
The viewpoint offers a grand view of the Tripyramids. Spoiler alert: it’s basically the same vantage point as the summit.
Mt. Tecumseh Winter Lookout View Osceola
There’s also a partial view of Mt. Osceola from the lookout.
Mt. Tecumseh Winter Hike Climb
For the next mile, the trail enters the deja vu portion of the hike, climbing steadily at a monotonous angle.
Mt. Tecumseh Winter Hike Climb 2
Nothing to see here. Just keep going. You don’t leave the matrix until the Sosman Trail enters on the left.
Mt. Tecumseh Winter Hike Trail Split
Shortly after the Sosman Trail joins the Mt. Tecumseh Trail, the two trails split, forming a summit loop. The best approach is to go right here and remain on the Tecumseh Trail to reach the summit, which is the steeper option, and then return to this location via the Sosman Trail. I’m confident in making this recommendation because I naturally did the opposite. If you plan on returning to the Waterville Valley resort trailhead, just be careful not to take the other half of the Tecumseh Trail from the summit that leads to the Tripoli Road (closed in winter).
Mt. Tecumseh Winter Hike Summit Osceola View
The view of Mt. Osceola from the Tecumseh summit.
Mt. Tecumseh Winter Hike Summit Tripyramids View
And the Tripyramids.
Mt. Tecumseh View Osceola Close-up
Zooming in on Oceola to catch the Mt. Washington photobomb.
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